Educational Interactive Workshops for Schools

There are two PDF files below for your information. Please contact me if you have any questions at all, happy to help.

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I run fun, educational and interactive workshops that actively inspire and stimulate young peoples creativity. The workshops are run using a specially designed kit that enables participants to easily create large colourful abstract musical structures.

The kit comprises of a range of bespoke percussion instruments that are designed using ideas inspired by xylophones, marimbas, chimes, trumpets, whistles, bongos, organ pipes, gongs and many more. To connect these various sound parts the group/groups slide together colourful lengths of plastic piping that create large and exciting sound sculptures. Please see photos.

(Please note the sculptures made are not for keeping and are dismantled at the end of the session).

Workshop Outcomes include:

  • Confidence in playing music with others
  • Learning how things make sound
  • Lateral thinking
  • Construction skills
  • Listening skills
  • How to invent you own rhythms
  • How to experiment with composing music
  • Physical and mental stimulation Ideas for designing sound sculpture for your school playground

Who these workshops are for:

Under 5’s playgroups, key stages 1-4 and special educational needs schools.

Inset training- my workshops offer a different doorway into exploring music making, building confidence and creativity.

Please note, the sculptures and all their parts are quite large and ideally the workshop needs to be held in a hall or outside space.

Also available for festivals, fun days and city centre events

Download (PDF, 2.94MB)