The Sound Garden

£350 per day (plus travel)

With over ten giant percussive instruments and sound sculptures the ‘Sound Garden’ offers a unique musical experience for both young and old. Harmonically turned  these instruments can be set up for people to explore and play freely. Their pentatonic tuning enables the garden to be enjoyable to the ear even if people are playing in different times and rhythms. A sonic and visual feast for all kinds of festival goers. Brilliant for small or large events and suitable for all ages.

“Inspirational!” Rhythm Festival.


Make and Play Sound Sculptures

Making and playing sound sculptures workshops are run with specially prepared sets of pipes that can fit together in many different abstract ways. Sculptural towers are built and modular sound parts connected to create playable sound sculptures. Its a great way of engaging groups to work together and use their lateral thinking. There are many fun sounds in the boxes that are activated by blowing, pumping, turning or flicking to create sounds.

This activity also works well as a drop-in at events and festivals where a larger sculpture can be built from all the parts and constantly be changed and modified throughout the day.

(all day continuous session)

‘Make and Play’ with the ‘Sound Garden or Sound Orchestra’ costs £450 per day combination deal (plus travel)

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