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Ben Gates Sound Sculptures’

Greetings and thank you for your interest in my work. I am delighted to introduce my Sound Garden’ and would also like to give you an idea of other workshops available. I have 20 years experience in running work in the community and schools. I build instruments with the intention of making music accessable and fun. I hope to liberate peoples creativity (especially kids) through my workshops, sharing my skills and leading them towards an innovative future.

As well as my ‘Sound Garden’ instruments which are designed for small events and festivals I have theSound Sculpture Ensemble’ for school workshops using similar instruments designed for large groups to create polyrhythms. There is the Make N Play’ workshop that enables groups to construct colourful structures and arrange modular sound parts for playing. I also offer the Junk Orchestra workshop building everything from scratch using our ever accumulating piles of every day waste objects from our houses, shops and factories to create an orchestra.

Lastly watch this space for up and coming workshops creating Thumb Pianos/Kalimba’, Whistles, ‘Trumpets, Flutes, and Saxophones’. And finally, watch out for performances and shows with ‘Dj Many Bits and guest artists.

Workshops and Installations.

Sound Garden

Sound Sculptures Ensemble

Soon to have its own unique set of instruments for group based rhythm construction and composition. Please click link bellow to view Hayton School workshop.


Make N Play

New modular sound parts being built as we speak with wider variation of sound to build the colourful sound structures.

Organillo Crafty Boom

A harmonic intervention that came here to woo souls with its playful character and Steampunk looks. Welcome to the ‘Organillo Crafty Boom’ a sound machine designed to engage groups of playful beings in the creation of collective music making. A machine that will entrance you into the magical depth of polyrhythms and harmonious vibrations. Visitors can explore this giant ‘Sound-Punk’ of an instrument by easily activating its musical pipes through the pumping of bellows and leavers. The goal, if there needs to be one, is to connect with one-another and the cosmic harmony of our funky universe.

(clip coming soon)

Junk Orchestra 

Please click gallery bellow from Hayton School and contact Ben to discuss different ways this workshop can be run.


Making and Playing Thumb Pianos

( coming soon)

Making and playing Whistles, Trumpets, Flute and saxophones

( coming soon)

Performances and Shows

(coming soon)

Designing Sound Sculptures for your schools and park play areas

(clip coming soon)

(CRB checked and £5,000000 insurance cover)


Pricing for Events and Schools

Pricing for each workshop will vary depending on where you are (location) and needs. The above list of workshops and installations will soon have individual prices labeled. For schools I charge £350 for a full day combining the ‘Sound Sculpture Ensemble’ with ‘Make N Play’(Half Day £200) + Travel and BnB if needed. PDF down load coming shortly. ‘Junk Orchestra’ same price.

Installations for events and festivals range between £400 and £600 plus travel with special deals when combining workshops.

Any queries please get in touch with Ben to discuss.

Phone – 07779024730

Email – bengatessoundsculptures@gmail.com

Website – www.soundsculptres.co.uk







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